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Finance and Bookkeeping

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Businesswoman Using a Calculator and Pen


  • Create Invoice Templates
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Create Month and year-end Reports
  • Send and follow up on invoices and non-payments
  • Pay Contractors, vendors, and Misc.
  • Reconcile Bank and Credit Card Statements
  • Issue Refunds
Photograph of hands working on data entry with keyboard


  • Collect, itemize, and move vital information from one format to another, categorizing to specifications
  • Create spreadsheets and reports
  • Input data using fast and accurate typing skills
  • Build and manage databases such as company or clientele records
  • Keep records of activities and tasks

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Good Service Cooperation of Consultation


  • Communicate with Vendors via email and phone
  • Reply to common customer service questions and inquires via any platform, phone, and email
  • Process orders and refunds
  • Follow up with clients for feedback ensuring satisfaction
  • Listen to and appropriately disperse voicemails
  • Draft letters and emails to clients, vendors, and colleagues
  • Proofreading and formatting emails, documents, and any other correspondence
  • Prepare forms and contracts
Clipboard with calendar placed on desk amidst stationery


  • Create a system to highlight your most important tasks and activities
  • Schedule personal and professional appointments and meetings with clients, customers, colleagues, and vendors
  • Back and forth communication when scheduling group meetings
  • No overlaps in meetings, ensuring enough time to change location when necessary
  • Move items around to ensure you're always working on the highest-priority tasks first
  • Send confirmations via email and gather RSVP's
  • Send reminders of all daily and weekly events
You’ve got mail message concept with computer keyboard and e-mail box suggesting inbox received


  • Flag important messages that need a reply
  • Reply to common questions or scheduling
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted promotional or spam emails
  • Forward messages and inquiries to other team members
  • Follow up on sent emails
  • Tagging and archiving emails
  • Draft responses
Social Media Background, Social Media Concept


  • Manage Company's Social Media Platforms including but not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and the Company Website
  • Research Social media Trends and strengthen Company's presence on all platforms
  • Draft and create relevant posts on a regular schedule
  • Assist social media management with large projects, events, and community management
  • Replies to comments and Direct Messages, answering or directing all comments and questions
Business Speaker Giving a Talk at Business Conference Event


  • Whether it's a 100 person conference or a 10 person dinner, let us handle all the details
  • Strengthen your web presence or extend social media support to promote the event
  • Organizing vendors, providing adequate facilities, tracking deadlines, or handling time management
  • Controlling costs and driving service excellence, increasing value from your vendors throughout the life cycle of your event
  • Communicate and track budgeting, venue details, caterers & vendors’ information, transportation details, and more

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Travel expense record


  • Compile travel schedules for specific itineraries
  • Make reservations for hotels, car rental, restaurants, airlines, and more
  • Plan and schedule meetings at the desired location
  • Send timely trip alerts and reminders
  • Will add all information to your calendar including confirmation numbers, addresses,

phone numbers, and any other pertinent booking info you might need.

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